大雋藝術 Rich Art:【雲遊】蔡尉成

  • 展期:2016-06-11 ~ 2016-07-10
  • 地點:大雋藝術:台中市南屯區惠文路 489 號
  • 參展藝術家:蔡尉成
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Wander As A Cloud
Exhibition of Tsai Wei-Cheng


Tsai Wei-Cheng has made the classical figure of Sun Wukong (Monkey King) from Journey to the West as the main theme of his works in the past two decades. The Seventy-two Normal and Transformation series of works expresses not only the full performance of his humorous, witty, and restrained language of sculpture but also shows his wonderful philosophy of creativity through seventy-two polymorphic transformations. Tsai Wei-Cheng successfully blended the subject matter with formative thinking in this series. Art critics often describe Tsai Wei-Cheng as a sculptor with an enlightened perspective. In the past few decades of career, Tsai Wei-Cheng has constantly conversed to himself and his works, transforming his feelings for everything into his creative energy for each piece. In this rapidly changing era, the heart is still the master of everything. By feeling peace in the heart, one can face external difficulties with ease and reach the threshold of transcendence.


Born in Taichung in 1971, Tsai Wei-Cheng does not like being restrained and contrived, but he loves being flexible and open, qualities which have become the direction for his creativity. He graduated from National Ta Chia Senior High School and studied under Hsieh Tung-Liang. Unlike traditional wood engraving and Buddha sculpture, his style is closer to the people and genuinely interesting. He also insists on implicit oriental spirit, perfectly combining the warm harmony of copper with the cold fortitude of stainless steel. His works are painted with baking enamel and mottled ink to show traces of time, so that beauty and simplicity can blend subtly and unrestrainedly. Every stage of each piece represents a different contemplation of life. Seventy-two Normal and Transformation could be his deepest efforts. The Monkey King transforms into varied forms, expressing the artist’s positive and open-minded attitude toward life.


Tsai Wei-Cheng’s latest series of works in 2016, Sky, integrates the symbol of clouds and was first exhibited at Art Stage Singapore. Clouds symbolize free will, and freedom has been an important aspect of language and symbol in Tsai Wei-Cheng’s works. The clouds also symbolize elements that give infinite energy, and the artist’s will to pursue freedom. He is not afraid of obstacles and difficulties, and moves forward with a steady pace. He openly presents his unique language of creation, hoping that everyone can have a clear mind and the courage to face the challenges of life. The Sky series includes Six Senses, in which Tsai Wei-Cheng searches for new elements in basic materials such as stainless steel and copper. His goal is to eliminate the materials’ inherent rigidity and fully express the theme of six senses, extending his creative perspective, demonstrating his unique creative context, and enabling his works to exude refreshing energy.

「L’Attrait de la liberté 自由之路」的展覽主題,為藝術家蔡尉成展望國際的起始,2016新加坡藝術登陸博覽會與 2016東京藝術博覽會中,蔡尉成作品的純粹與多變,深深的留存於觀者心中。《雲遊》為藝術家蔡尉成在大雋藝術的展出,呈現他的經典之作,引領大家進入他豐富且富含禪意的創作世界之中,讓心沈澱,從藝術家蔡尉成的作品中體會那悠遊、自在、毫不矯揉造作的真摯情感,回到那個只有簡單,沒有複雜的世界。

The L'Attrait de la liberté Road to Freedom exhibition is Tsai Wei-Cheng’s portal to the international world. At Art Stage Singapore 2016 and Art Fair Tokyo 2016, the simplicity and flexibility of Tsai Wei-Cheng’s works deeply connected with viewers. Wander As A Cloud is exhibited at Rich Art to lead us into his creative and Zen-filled world. Through Tsai Wei-Cheng’s works, we can let our hearts rest; experience comfortable, unrestrained, and sincere feelings; and return to a simpler life.