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    日期:2016-05-16 ~ 2016-07-30

  • 地點

    Pethany Larsen 藝廊:台北市中山區遼寧街201巷7號

  • Message Earth是由丹麥兩位大學教授Kirsten和Susanne所創立的環保設計品牌,透過紙品創作來傳遞永續設計的概念,希望向設計界推廣如何在商業行為與維護自然間,達到美好的平衡,不讓地球承受更多的傷害,這項計畫更獲得丹麥政府的資助。

    復古的圖案來自於幾個世紀前的生物學家與藝術家的研究創作,充滿細節的嚴肅插畫,搭配一句輕鬆幽默的註解,讓卡片充滿趣味。在Pethany+Larsen店內中每售一張Message Earth插畫卡片,將捐助10%給予台灣荒野保護協會作為環境保育的支持。

    Message Earth was founded by two Danish college professors, Kirsten and Susanne. They are working for a more sustainable world by offering beautiful ECO products. With this brand, they hope to take an effect on the design industry and help the industry move forward to carbon neutral production. Their project has be recognized and sponsored by the Danish Government.

    Their paper designs are all made from 100% recycled paper and printed with vegetable ink. The electricity for the production process is from wind power. Products are assembled and packed by mentally or physically challenged people from the community centers. Even the bags are made from 100% biodegradable plastic. These designs are all carbon neutral.

    The illustrations are reproductions of original vintage designs created centuries ago by the best scientists and artists. A clever or funny message has been stated on each card. These statements encourage a better lifestyle and green thinking. For every card you purchase in Pethany+Larsen stores, we will donate 10% to The Society of Wilderness in Taiwan.

    ‧ 展覽期間: 熱烈延展至7月30日,週一至週六 11am – 7pm,週日及國定假休
    ‧ 藝廊地址:台北市中山區遼寧街201巷7號 (MRT 南京復興一號出口) (近長春路372號)
    ‧ 聯絡資訊:02-25451278 黃小姐
    ‧ 臉書專頁:「Pethany Larsen 藝廊Gallery」

    ‧展售價格: 作品760元 / 卡片135元 (展期間九折,原價150元),收益將捐助10%給台灣荒野保護協會。

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