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【「花草」Chafla & Cindy 聯展 】

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    日期:2016-08-12 ~ 2016-10-12

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  • 「花草」:Chafla & Cindy 聯展
    2016.08.12-10.12 每日15:00 - 21:00
    開幕茶會 2016.08.12(五)17:00
    木藝居 台北市中正區開封街一段37號12樓(近捷運台北車站Z10出口)


    Cindy以「little things in life(⽣活中的瑣碎事物)」為創作主軸,由不同系列作品在時間與空間的穿梭變動下玩弄「當下(the present)」的記憶。此次主題採取家中陽台的盆栽,記錄「草」在夏⽇陽光下、颳⾵雷雨中所呈現的抽象形體與⾊塊。將低調卻活⽣生、無時變換的⽣命力,藉由原⼦筆不斷重複來回塗鴉呈現飽和狀態的複製⾏為,將獨⼀無二的⽚刻感動、 抽象且溢於⾔語的情感置⼊抽象視覺中。細膩且耗時的技法容許墨水⼀筆⼀劃由原⼦筆將情感置⼊紙上,必須近距離觀看的筆觸烙印著⽣命當下的瞬間成為永恆。


    'Plants' :a joint exhibition by Chafla & Cindy
    2016.08.12-10.12 everyday 15:00 - 21:00
    Opening Party 2016.08.12 Fri 17:00
    MUIU inn 12F., No.37, Sec. 1, Kaifeng St., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City

    Chafla (SHEN YU-HUA)creates portraits of flowers, simultaneously portraying the silhouette of flowers and the decaying of lives. Their temporal blooming beauty wearies away through time. A portrait captures the frozen moment, a certain period of time in a lifespan, and restores the exact picture of it. Chafla's drawings of the flowers aim at capturing not only the blooming forms but also the fundamentality of the fading of life. Men lives on a timeline leading towards an end. Through the flower portraits, the artist brings to the viewers an experience of the power of 'time' colliding as well as the transience and fragility of life.

    Cindy's work centres around 'the little things in life' through separate project series, exhibiting the memory of the 'present' under the shuffling of time and space. The artist's theme for this exhibition focuses on her plants. Observing them daily under the summer heat as well as in the midst of the torrential rain, she documents the every day motion of the plants and transforms them into abstract shapes and colour blocks simulating the actual picture. The mundane yet ever changing moment of the natural subject is worked onto paper through repetitive handwork with fine ball-point pen. Together, the unspeakable moments and the overflowing emotions of the artist are inserted onto the abstract visual images. Cindy's meticulous detail and time-consuming technique with ink requires the viewer's close observation with the artwork that reserved the energy of life for eternity.

    The joint exhibition -- 'Plants' -- at MUIU inn comes from the artists' consensus on how the plants present the duo reality of life: the life that fades and the life that stays. Through the flowers and the leaves, a midsummer voyage begins.



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