【瞬間與永恆 Instant and Eternity】 洪京澤 個展

  • 展期

    日期:2016-11-06 ~ 2016-12-18

  • 地點


  • Hong Kyoung Tack_ Instant and Eternity

    策展人_金美怜 Kim Mi-Ryoung




    Korean artist Hong Kyoung Tack will open his solo exhibition, < Instant and Eternity > on November 6th, 2016 at Parkview Green Art Gallery Taiwan. During this exhibition, he will showcase a total of 26 pieces, including 9 new pieces and 17 of his representative series (Pens, Library, Funkchestra, Speaker Boxes, New Golden Classic series).

    Hong Kyoung Tack is well known for his ability to utilize diverse and brilliant colorful emotions, create dynamic images, as well as go over-the-top with his compositions, accumulating and overlapping all kinds of objects. After appearing in the 2007 ‘Christie's Hong Kong Asian Contemporary Art Sales’ with his piece , Hong became a hot issue within Asia’s art world. Now, his reputation is growing around the world, as he continues to show exhibition in art galleries and art centers in Seoul, New York, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, India, Germany, Istanbul, Argentina, Moscow, Chile, Amsterdam and more.

    In the upcoming < Instant and Eternity > in Taiwan, Hong will not only represent the representative series that we are all familiar with, such as and , but also his and series, which are garnering much interest. He will also be revealing a video piece for the first time. In particular, the audience will be able to have a differentiated experience through this exhibition’s theme, sacred and profane, concepts that are polar opposites. In contrast to exhibitions in the past where only fragments of the series were on display, this time the pieces will be shown to reflect the artist’s unique colors and compositions in an omnibus storyline about all irrational occasions that people can face within society. The artist says that this alludes to the finiteness of human life. Hong aims to personify shrine, where the audience can experience how humans are struggling between a finite life and infinite desire, good and evil, or hope and fear.


    僑福芳草地畫廊 · 台北
    策展人:金美怜 Kim Mi-Ryoung
    展期: 2016 11/06~12/18
    電話:+886 2 2777-2585



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