【我不知道如何為它命名 / 2017 高昌湧個展】I Don’t Know How

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    日期:2017-03-04 ~ 2017-03-26

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  • 我不知道如何為它命名 / 2017 高昌湧個展
    I Don’t Know How to Name It / 2017 Gau Chang Yung Solo Exhibition
    The three series, ‘Ghost’, ‘Lump of Meat’, and ‘Swirling Event’ that display in “I Don’t Know How to Name It” exhibition are developed from 2016. Three series of works seem to express their own interpretations respectively, but actually a whole formed by combining several elements. Each separate unit can also be intertwined, showing a narrative without a single spindle, which is one of the reasons that I call this exhibition "I do not know how to Name it".
    For ‘Ghost’, I made three stands like hangers and placed in the exhibition, hanging on the white fabric with sticking the characteristics of clothes, looks like shirts, T-shirt, pants, skirts..., but no way to confirm its function and positioning. For ‘Lump of Meat’, I edited image of part of the body into somehow it could not be accurately described as "human" block, and used of framing its reflection characteristics and creating unstable space in the picture, showing the theme its ambiguous and uncertain. For ‘Swirling Event’, I used transparent acrylic plate and heated it, folding continuous but fractured shapes that within an undefined fuzzy space, and in which the symbol is placed so that they spliced or dismantled each other. The three series of works try to touch the floating boundaries of definitions that we have already made in our lives. Above is another reason that I call this exhibition "I do not know how to Name it".
    Thus, in this exhibition, the "split" would be a key perusing point, also a statement of my own status and the life description. We keep putting ourselves into the various identities, time and space, awareness, and learning converse the changes smoothly, and even transforming our natural reflexive actions that bodies and senses into a complex and rolling complicated state. It does not seem to be unnecessarily tensed or astonished for this kind of state, which is today a very common pattern of survival, ever-changing is not changing.
    展覽日期:2017/03/04(六) ~ 2017/03/26(日)
    開幕及導覽:2017/03/04(六) 15:00
    藝術家座談:2017/03/26(日) 15:00
    開放時間:週三(Wed.) - 週日 (Sun.)13:00‐20:00
    展覽地點:新樂園藝術空間 SLY ART SPACE



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