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    日期:2017-07-29 ~ 2017-09-10

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  • 史丹•安克原為建築設計師,為了追求更自由的藝術實踐,便轉換跑道成為以創作雕塑為主的藝術家。然而,豐厚的建築專業背景,使得安克直覺性地在既有空間中不斷尋求更多的可能性,同時,他也著迷於空間中不可視的存在。因此,探索玩味從無到有的轉換瞬間,便成為安克最重要的藝術課題。

    After having worked for several years as an architect, Stijn Ank moved away from the functional, utilitarian aspect of that field in order to pursue freer, more autonomous interests. Thus, he becomes an artist focusing mainly on sculptures. With the background of architecture profession, Ank instinctively searches for new possibilities within an existing space. Meanwhile, he is fascinated by the invisible existence in the space; for this reason, he continuously explores and ponders the transition between existence and void.

    安克以特別調製的石膏灰泥與顏料作為媒材,再利用傳統澆鑄的手法,分層並階段性地將灰泥倒入鑄模組具中,待泥漿凝固成型、藝術家將模具卸除後,便能看到顏料層層堆疊暈染於白色石灰粉牆之中。這樣的表現形式,不僅彰顯了藝術家嘗試將自己從作品中抽離,讓媒材為作品發聲的企圖(let the matter speak for itself),也間接傳達出時間被凍結封存的象徵意義。由此,安克將其創作定義為擁有自我意志的主體(subject),而非單純供人觀賞的物件(object);他的創作同時也是對所處時空的重新演繹及詮釋,藉由在空間裡製造邊界/線條,安克具體呈現了在空之間的簡約美學,同時也呼應了他對所處當下的感知與想像。

    Ank significantly blends liquid plasters and pigments as materials and pours the liquid plasters step by step into a pre-cast mold with multi-layers, and then waits for plasters to solidify in the various-shaped molds. After removing the mold, one can see the softened layers of poured plaster stained by pigment revealed on the lime white wall. This artistic expression not only manifests Ank’s attempt to be absent in the piece and to let the matter speak for itself, but also indirectly signifies how the time is frozen and stilled in the piece. Ank defines his creation as a Subject with a will of its own, not merely being viewed as an Object. Ank’s work also is a re-interpretation of the space/time where he belongs to. Through creating the lines in the space, Ank’s work evokes the Minimalist belief that sculpture’s essence derives both from its objecthood and its relationship to its surroundings, and also reflects Ank’s perception and imagination of the present situation.


    UNVOID is Stijn Ank’s first solo exhibition in MOCA, Taipei. Responding to the space and flow of the museum gallery, the exhibition is separated into three sections, each section represents one piece of work, two of which are site-specific installations. In addition, the exhibition encourages the audience to enter the gallery with a pacified mood, and actively discover the boundary between existence and void and the dialogue between Subject-Object while engaging the setting of light and shadow, airflow and time.

Stijn Ank台北當代藝術館在空之間史丹.安克


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日期:2020-10-25 ~ 2020-10-25|台灣,台北市

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