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    日期:2017-09-02 ~ 2017-10-15

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  • 知名作家、詩人、旅行家江心靜自2013年跨界藝術後,首度於大河美術正式舉辦《聽見・江心靜——當代水墨個展》,藝術家本人亦將親臨開幕現場,誠摯歡迎您蒞臨參觀!

    |開幕|2017/09/02(六) 2 PM
    |地點|大河美術 2F


    今年,首度於大河美術舉辦「聽見.江心靜——當代水墨個展」,以當代水墨融合東西的多元技法,創造蘊含東方哲學的當代視覺語彙,一個安靜冥想的空間,從悅目、悅心到養心,讓人脫離過度的感官刺激,回歸內心,重新與大自然連結,在時間的河中漫步,思索。此次特邀獲頒艾美獎的美國聲音生態學家戈登.漢普頓(Gordon Hempton)合作,創作了「聽見江心靜」(What I hear)組曲,跨界個展結合詩稿、畫作與音樂,完整呈現多年在她心中縈繞的聲音,期待有心人聆聽,僅以一首她的小詩敬邀:


    Chiang Hsin-Ching, a famous writer, poet and traveller who ventured into the world of art from 2013, is going to hold her first formal exhibition “What I hear–Chiang Hsin-Ching Contemporary Ink Painting Solo Exhibition” at RIVER ART. The artist will attend the opening reception. We cordially welcome your visit!

    < What I hear–Chiang Hsin-Ching Contemporary Ink Painting Solo Exhibition >

    |Duration| Sep. 2, 2017 (Sat) – Oct. 15, 2017 (Sun)
    |Opening| Sep. 2, 2017 (Sat) 2 PM
    | Venue | 2F, RIVER ART
    |Address| No.305, Shuimei, Sanyi, Miaoli 36744, Taiwan

    Chiang Hsin-Ching was born in 1970 in Taichung, Taiwan. She is a writer, a poet, and an artist. From 1998 to 2001, she cycled around the world across five continents and over thirty countries along with her best friend Vicky Lin. Since 2001, she has been deeply engaged in travel literature and wrote columns concerning travel, humanity, and art for newspapers and magazines. Without ever taking painting brushes before the year of 2013, she listened to the inner evocation of her soul and devoted to creating contemporary ink paintings. She created plenty of great works in bright colors which are full of tension and with self-style only within half a year, earning praise and acclamation from the experts and the markets in the meantime.

    This year, “What I hear–Chiang Hsin-Ching Contemporary Ink Painting Solo Exhibition” is held at RIVER ART for the first time. By using multiple techniques of contemporary ink that blending the East with the West, she creates visual languages of the day, which is full of eastern philosophy. And it’s a tranquil space for meditation from the enjoyment of eyes and hearts to the refreshment of hearts, allowing people to escape from the excessive sensory stimulation, to return to heart, and to reconnect with Nature, rambling and thinking in the stream of time. Besides, she has a special cooperation with Gordon Hempton, an Emmy Award-winning acoustic ecologist who creates a suite of “What I hear” for the solo exhibition. By the cross-border integration of poems, paintings, and music, this solo exhibition represents the voices that echo in her heart over the years with a hope that someone with wills would listen. She simply invites you all with a short poem,

    The rhythm of texts/ tempo of hearts/ click/ not click
    The deep of breath/ deep of ink/ in one breath
    The rapid swirling world/ typhoon eyes

大河美術江心靜水墨Gordon Hempton戈登.漢普頓


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