【湯達暐 - 動態液體雕塑 Dynamic Fluid Sculptures】

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    日期:2017-11-06 ~ 2018-01-31

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  • Born of product advertising, creating splashes with water, paint, oil, liquor, milk and powder that are used to create visual appetite to a product promotion, these creative processes of making organic shapes in flight appear to bend the laws of gravity, producing smooth, dynamic sculptural forms that blur the lines between fine art and commercial photography.
    Taken out of the frame of commercial photography David has found there is a profound emotional self-expression of something that always has an unknown outcome and delivering surprising results. Much like the Abstract Expressionist of the 1950’s who filled their canvases with colour and abstract forms deriving from subconscious actions to later find the aesthetic in expression, balance and colour.
    將商業攝影的框架拿掉,湯達暐發現在某些事物上都有深邃的自我情感表達,進而產生出未知和令人驚喜的結果。 類似於1950年代的抽象印象派,將潛意識衍生出的行為,用色彩和抽象形態呈現在畫布上,進而發現在表達,平衡,和色彩中的美。
    Here fluids are cast from the hand in unregulated actions as only humans can do, movement, speed, distance, volume, viscosity, temperature, all play a part to the final capture of the spontaneous air born sculptures frozen in time and space.
    We will all find something different from the shapes and frozen actions bringing our own contemplative emotional values to the art.

湯達暐 攝影 橋克創意 液體不規則凍結形態


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