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    日期:2017-12-16 ~ 2018-01-28

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  • 大河美術將舉辦《觀花・節氣──張富峻個展》,預計展出最新之二十四節氣系列創作,藝術家本人亦將親臨開幕現場,誠摯歡迎您的蒞臨!

    |開幕|2017/12/16(六) 3 PM (藝術家將出席)
    |地點|大河美術 2F



    “Flower Viewing・Solar Term-Chang Fu-Chun Solo Exhibition” will be held at RIVER ART with the latest series of works of twenty-four solar terms expected to be displayed. The artist will attend the opening reception. We cordially welcome your visit!

    |Duration| Dec. 16, 2017 (Sat) – Jan. 28, 2018 (Sun)
    |Opening| Dec. 16, 2017 (Sat) 3 PM (The artist will be in attendance)
    | Venue | 2F, RIVER ART
    |Address| No.305, Shuimei, Sanyi, Miaoli 36744, Taiwan

    Chang Fu-Chun was born in 1965 in Hualien, Taiwan. Graduated from the department of Fine Arts of Tunghai University in 1989, he won the Innovation Award under the Ink Painting category awarded by Taipei Fine Arts Museum and the 14th Lion Art New Artist Award in the same year and held his first solo exhibition at Lion Art Gallery after that, formally step on the road of research and creativity of modern ink paintings. His creation is a non-traditional and non-figurative overall painting which focuses on his personal dialogue with the mountains and fields, using an intuitive and automatic method of calligraphy to transforms complex natural phenomenon. The flowing space composed by the automatic calligraphic line conveys the inner observational experiences of the connection between human and nature.

    For this new series of works “Flower Viewing・Solar Term” which explores different style and features of the twenty-four solar terms, the dialogue between spiritual contact and hidden landscapes serve as a bridge. In an aesthetic condition of obscure observations, it seeks the freely willful and leisurely joy of the spiritual field before re-constructing the sensations amongst human, heaven, and earth. Through the uniquely majestic and dissolute lines of the chicken feather brush, and the unrestrained splash of colors and ink, the expressive forms of lyrical abstraction stimulate inner emotions and feelings.



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