台灣訪談計畫【 Street Stories: A Taiwan Interview Project】

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    日期:2018-05-05 ~ 2018-06-03

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  • 「街頭故事:台灣訪談計畫」是一部隨機播放、非線性剪輯的紀錄片,交織了台灣街頭勞動者的身影與訪談,並置生活環境與風景影像,讓人物心理質地與生命故事更增添色彩。拼貼的影像意圖創造一個液態肖像,呈現出人與地方的多層次面向與交織不清的關係。

    The installation entitled, Street Stories: A Taiwan Interview Project, is a randomized, non-linear documentary that intertwines interviews of people working on the streets Taiwan to portraits of the landscape, physiology and texture that color their individual stories and lives. This modular collage is meant to create a fluid portrait, which fundamentally reveals a multi-faceted and ambiguous account of people and place. The framework further incorporates non-linear tropes of Chinese and Japanese poetry, Lian Ju and Renga, which in the documentary entailed here, prompt the viewer to combine and reformulate the compositional elements of interview, landscape, and portraiture to a perpetual montage of interrelations and associations.
    Ultimately, both the content and framework serve as a means to re-imagine how public digital screens and documentary can further function poetically both in terms of narratives and delivery in a modern digital landscape.

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