【無拘泥 】

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    日期:2018-08-11 ~ 2018-09-16

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  • 李元佳:「這一小點可代表一切,也可能無關緊要。」

    ‧ 東方元素以及靈魂述說

    ‧ 顏色的靈魂
    在陶發的作品中,他對大自然的顏色,不僅僅是真實的顏色,帶著他個人對於鬼神了解與敬畏,以及過去在城市對於山上的嚮往與幻想,而綜合出這些繽紛的色彩。相較於陶發,李元佳作品以四個顏色「 黑、白、金、紅」,代表四種信念-始終、純粹、高貴、生命,即使在不同媒材與創作,也始終貫策一至。


    Li Yuan-Chia “This little dot can mean everything, but can also be insignificant”
    Tao Fa “Art is livelihood, our actions, our soul, our virtues doesn’t need explanations.”

    · Eastern Elements and the Narration of the Soul
    Li Yuan-Chai is one of the early founders of abstract and conceptual art in Taiwan. This exhibition features his early artworks that focuses on the concept of using Chinese writing brushes to express his soul and thoughts. After 1959, he made a major breakthrough in the perspective of art and philosophy by transfiguring human into a dot, in which conveyed great philosophical meanings in the matter of abstract art. After Li Yuan-Chai graduated from Yunnan Arts University, he became a creator. He preferred working unrestrictedly in the nature more than sitting in a boring classroom. The paintbrush connects his mind and soul with mother nature and creates extraordinary pieces that are full of energy and awe.

    ‧ the Color of the Soul
    In the artworks of Tao Fa, the colors that he used in his paintings is not simply the colors that he sees, it is the colors of his spiritual beliefs and fantasies about nature that he yearned for when he was in the urban cities. He was wonderstruck by the view, which inspires him to create paintings that are full of vibrant colors. Compared with Tao Fa, the four colors: black, white, gold, and red in Li Yuan-Chia’s works are symbols of faith, which are the beginning and end, purity, nobility, and life. Even if working on different materials, they will always be consistent.

    Both artworks from Li Yuan-Chai, a deceased abstract artist, and Tao Fa, a Chinese contemporary artist, will be showcasing in this upcoming exhibition. They both extracted their soul into their artworks and expressed their theories and ideas through the paints and colors. What will happen when two of the most remarkable artist from different time periods meet?



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