【亞洲落腳 STAY ASIA 當代攝影藝術聯展】

  • 展期

    日期:2018-10-20 ~ 2018-11-04

  • 地點


  • 參展藝術家

    包德納,石岱,Patrice Delmotte,Baptiste Tavernier

  • 開幕茶會 Reception| 2018.10.21 (日) 3 pm
    藝術家出席開幕 Artist will be present

    展覽期間 Duration | 2018.10.20-11.04

    展覽地點 Venue| 亞億藝術空間 AHM Gallery
    開放時間 Time|每日13:00-19:00 (週一公休)



    Bernard Bordenave 包德納
    Patrice Delmotte & Baptiste Tavernier
    Stephane Ferrero 石岱


    亞洲落腳,長期落腳於亞洲的法國攝影藝術家,將他們對於亞洲的文化及情感透過攝影一一呈現,藝術家Bernard Bordenave 包德納,喜歡穿梭於巷陌中,尋找傳統老社區及居民在環境中的樣貌;捕捉真實的區域性人文特質,如菜市場、街頭小販、變遷中的老店、斑駁的舊門窗、或宛如抽象畫的塗鴉牆等。藝術家Patrice Delmotte,擅長拍攝人體的舞動以及強調光影的氛圍,強調對於東方的親密情感,此次展出的作品是與另一位藝術家Baptiste Tavernier合作,其創作以迷宮為主題,迷宮在幾個世紀以來一直作為標誌著世界中心的象徵,作為人類生活的隱喻或城市的代表。兩位藝術家將呈現獨特的合作:亞洲女性人體彩繪和裸體攝影之間的相遇。藝術家Stephane Ferrero 石岱,展出亞洲城市親密關係系列,城市滲透著我們生活的親密關係。我們的故事可以是真實的或只是幻象,透過質疑我們與城市化的關係,將城市和社會美學視角融入其中。

    Stay Asia
    French photographers who have lived in Asia for a long time, through photography to express their culture and emotions towards Asia, Artist Bernard Bordenave Baudner, who likes to shuttle through the lanes, looks for the traditional old community and the appearance of the residents in the environment; captures the real regional humanities, such as the market, street vendors, old shops in transition, mottled old doors and windows, Or like a graffiti wall with abstract paintings. Artist Patrice Delmotte, who is good at shooting the dancing body and emphasizing the atmosphere of light and shadow, emphasizing the intimate feelings of the East, This time to show was in collaboration with another artist, Baptiste Tavernier. The artist Baptiste Tavernier's creation is based on a maze. The maze has been a symbol of the center of the world for centuries, as a metaphor for human life or as a representative of the city. The two artists will present a unique collaboration: the encounter between Asian female body painting and nude photography. Artist Stephane Ferrero, Exhibiting urban intimacy series in Asia, Soaking into the city, it is also penetrating the intimacy of our lives. Our story can be real or just an illusion, by interpreting our relationship with urbanization and integrating urban and social aesthetics.

    AHM Gallery hopes to let us grow and explore in Asia from another angle through the theme of Stay Asia-photograph exhibition.



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