【撕裂傷不斷分裂的禁忌地圖 】Laceration: the Infinite Splitting of Taboo Map

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    日期:2019-04-19 ~ 2019-06-30

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  • 《撕裂傷:不斷分裂的禁忌地圖》是一個索引社會中的禁忌和治理關係的脈拚(mapping)過程。透過電影角色對應社會事件標誌出的地理位置:六本木、台北、香港、曼谷四個真實座標串聯,在地圖上劃下一刀。這個視覺意象指涉了在我們的現實社會中,陳舊而僵化的社會禁忌,成為一種傷痛,阻擋了大眾認知性別與性意識的可能性。如果不願意去碰觸禁忌的邊界,甚至探究禁忌為何存在,對於性別灰階的認知並不會因此保持現狀,而是伴隨著忽視與遺忘,向下沉淪。


    Laceration: the Infinite Splitting of Taboo Map is a mapping process that indexes taboos and governance relationship of societies. As though drawing a knife on the map, this process connects four reality spots, namely Roppongi, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, through correspondence between film characters and geographic locations that were marked by social events. This visual imagery implies that social taboos that are obsolete and rigid, has become agony in our societies. It blocks the probability of the public to acknowledge gender and sexual consciousness. If we are unwilling to exceed the boundaries of taboos and explore the reason why the taboos exist, our consciousness towards gender grayscale will hence not maintain the status quo, results in falling down with ignorance and oblivion.

    In my thoughts, talking about gender issues will not only focus on gender itself. In terms of structure, this sort of proposition needs to trace back to origin: literally how to make the audiences aware of the fact that queer will that breaks every rigid thinking logically is overlapping the ways the life deal with identity, nationality, ideology and spiritual values. The mise-en-scene of this exhibition is an attempt to practice this consciousness so that the Taiwan artists will likely have radical changes in gender, sex consciousness and cultural, political issues.

關渡美術館陳冠宏迴向者的煩惱我的禁忌製圖學 傾斜的紅樓柱


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