誠品畫廊 Eslite Gallery


  • 展期

    日期:2019-05-18 ~ 2019-06-30

  • 地點

    11073 臺北市松高路11號五樓

  • 誠品畫廊將於二〇一九年五月十八日至六月三十日舉辦王雅慧個展「時間簡史」,推出藝術家自二〇〇五年至二〇一九年所創作的十八件空間雕塑、裝置、錄像與攝影作品,呈現她近十五年來對自然、時間、生命、變化等課題不同維度的思考與想像。此為誠品畫廊與王雅慧首次合作個展,屆時將同步出版藝術家小書,在其中收錄她過去對五名東西方藝術家創作的討論,以及新的創作觀點。




    ESLITE GALLERY is pleased to present “Wang Yahui—A Brief History of Time” from May 18 to June 30, 2019, featuring 18 installations, videos and photography works created between 2005 and 2019 by the artist. In this first solo exhibition in collaboration with ESLITE GALLERY, Wang shares her ruminations about nature, time, life and changes over the past 15 years. Alongside the gallery will publish an artist book documenting Wang’s discussion about five Chinese and Western artists as well as her new artistic direction.

    For this exhibition, Wang Yahui introduces Sunshine on Tranquility, Two Billion Light Years of Solitude and The Tropical Work: Snowman from earlier periods in new ways as an accompaniment to five new series. The new series “Wanderer’s Clock” shows changing configurations that evolve with time, except in a fleeting moment when the pointers align with the order of its world before moving on again in their own tracks. “Traveler” is a space composed by unrelated elements that form a whole when random scraps of paper stumble upon the scene. How can we see nature? Wang writes about time using abstract space and gradients of light in “The Book of Time.” Almost entirely invented by interplays of shadows, “Questions to Shadow” and “Cast Me a Shadow” drift like an afternoon daydream—perhaps, space can also be a feeling?

    In “A Brief History of Time,” Wang Yahui turns imageries of contemporary life into micro cosmoses and herself an astronomer observing the hidden relationship between nature and all living things. “What is time to us?” Wang is also the inquisitive Huizi debating about the happiness of fish in Zhuangzi. Her cosmoses are both a condensed essay and a visual poem. There, noise fades and time decelerates, so that floating light and passing shadow arrest for our probing gaze.

    (SPONSOR: National Culture and Arts Foundation, Optoma)

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