大雋藝術 Rich Art

【百般紅紫鬥芳菲Their Brightest Rosebud Purple Hue Put On】石建國個展 Shi Jian-Guo Solo Exhibition

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    日期:2019-07-20 ~ 2019-09-15

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  • 大雋藝術 | 百般紅紫鬥芳菲-石建國個展
    Their Brightest Rosebud Purple Hue Put On: The Shi Jian-Guo Solo Exhibition

    ▌開幕音樂會暨藝術家導覽 Opening Concert and Artist Tour 07/20 (六) 14:30

    展覽時間:2019/07/20 - 09/15(Sat.-Sun.)



    “Their Brightest rosebud purple hue put on” is a line from poem Late Spring by Tang dynasty literature giant Han Yu, referring to flowers contending for beauty in the season of magnificence. The flowers of the poem are personified and are referred to the figures in the works of Chinese artist Shi Jian-Guo. Shi’s Eastern beauties are depicted with classic slim brows, almond eyes, plump lips, and elegant postures, manifesting the essence of Chinese aesthetics and culture. The artist uses his rich creativity and imagination to present viewers with moving, pleasing visual and spiritual sensations. Rich Art invites you to break free from the complexity and exhaustion of daily life in this beautiful season of Summer, and allow yourself to explore the lighthearted wonderworld of the artist.

    ▍藝術家簡介 About Shi Jian-Guo


    Shi Jian-Guo was born in Tangshan Prefecture within Hebei, China, in 1964, and entered the Department of Chinese Painting at Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1987. Shi was noticed for his artistic talent at the age of fifteen, and his works were selected for the exhibition at the National Art Museum of China. After graduation, Shi’s works were showcased in countless exhibitions and not only were the works admitted into the 3rd Chinese Gongbi Painting Exhibition, but also invited to display at the National Art Museum of China, Today Art Museum, Nanjing Art Museum, Beijing 798 Art Zone Chao Yang Art Museum, Shanghai Liu Haisu Art Museum, as well as art institutions across Hong Kong and Macau, France, Singapore, Italy, and Germany. Shi’s works are part of the collection of National Art Museum of China and CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts) Art Museum. Shi’s past experiences include editor of the Art Orientation magazine, director of the editorial office of Classic Art Magazine, and chief editor of People's Fine Arts Publishing House. Shi is currently the director of the editorial office of Art In China magazine and a member of the China Artists Association.



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