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【浮動的世界 珠蒂.史東琺瑯展】A Floating World: The Enamels of Judy Stone

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    日期:2019-10-04 ~ 2019-10-20

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    Judy Stone

  • 浮動的世界 珠蒂.史東琺瑯展

    A Floating World: The Enamels of Judy Stone

    展出時間 | Time to Exhibit 2019.10/04-10/20

    展出藝術家 | Artists Judy Stone 珠蒂.史東

    開幕時間 | Opening 2019.10/04 (五) 18:00開幕與藝術家分享會

    自1972年以來,我一直專注我的媒材創作,基本上是自學成才。 1968年至1999年,在富布賴特到德國學習期間,我偶然遇上琺瑯。當我第一次看到琺瑯從窯中出現的紅熱和熔化的狀態,然後再看到它明亮透明的顏色,玻璃的光澤逐漸出現在我眼前時,我被迷住了。琺瑯注定成為我的職業和我的生活方式。

    我獨自在加利福尼亞州El Cerrito的工作室創作。我的工作室周圍是一個精心栽培出來的花園,我從中吸取了靈感。作品中的圖像雖然大多是抽象的,但卻提到潛伏在潛意識中的形式。我試圖不去解釋這些形式或它們之間的相互作用。多年來,我根據琺瑯用品的供應情況和已故作家Fred Ball的當代作品之中,發展出自己的製作方式。我分層創作,用水將琺瑯顆粒推入到位,然後在1450和1500華氏度之間燒製。我大部分的作品約燒製了6到15次。我將貴金屬箔融合到最後的層次裡,嘗試通過透明與半透明度來使用金屬和琺瑯質的相互作用來實現立體的色彩。

    我是琺瑯藝術中心的創始人。我是北加州琺瑯協會和搪瓷協會的成員。我曾在這些組織的董事會任職。我現在是加州奧克蘭的The Crucible琺瑯系主任,我也在那裡任教。

    I have been working in my medium since 1972 and am basically self-taught. I came to enameling by accident while studying on a Fulbright to Germany in 1968-9. When I first saw something red hot and molten emerging from an enameling kiln and then watched as brilliant transparent colors and the gloss of glass appeared gradually before my eyes, I was hooked. Enameling was destined to become my profession and my way of life.

    I work alone in my studio in El Cerrito, CA. My studio is surrounded by a somewhat carefully cultivated garden from which I draw inspiration. The imagery in my work, while mostly abstract, has reference to forms lurking in my subconscious. I do not try to interpret these forms or their interactions with each other. Over the years I have developed my own way of working based on the availability of enameling supplies and the contemporary work of the late Fred Ball. I work in layers, pushing the enamel particles into place with water and then firing at between 1450 and 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of my work is fired between 6 and 15 times. I fuse precious metal foils into the final layers. I try to use the interaction of the metal and the enamel through transparency and translucency to achieve three dimensional color.

    I am the founder of the Center for Enamel Art. I am a member of the Northern California Enamel Guild and the Enamelist Society. I have served on the boards of these organizations. I am currently head of the Enamel Department at The Crucible in Oakland, CA where I also teach. I have taught enameling and crafts business classes all over the U.S. and abroad.

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