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【 花譜 李如詩陶瓷個展】Florilegium ,Ruth, Li solo exhibition

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    日期:2020-01-14 ~ 2020-02-29

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  • Florilegium ,Ruth, Li solo exhibition | 花譜 李如詩陶瓷個展

    展出時間 | Time to Exhibit 2020.01/14-02/29

    展出藝術家 | Artists 李如詩RUTH, LI

    開幕時間 | Opening 2020.01/18 (六) 18:00 - 20:00開幕

    工作坊 | Workshop 2020.01/17-1/18 13:00-17:30 (兩日)


    Throughout time, we – with all our far-reaching diverse cultures and histories – have always been obsessed with but one eternally ephemeral conceit: life itself. It is this preoccupation that dominates, influences and ultimately dictates our collective behaviors, psychologies and spiritual neurosis; especially in the wake of realizing life’s impermanence and facing its ending. Yet, with every ending there begins anew; whether such renewal is achieved through encapsulation via memory, narrative and myth, physical transformation, or transcendence beyond the tangible and the mundane.

    Drawing inspiration from the Biblical story of the Garden of Eden where these concepts were first introduced, Florilegium refers to the gathering of extracts from a larger body of work manifested through a marriage of the traditional and the historical, the modern and the mythical, in hopes to create an abstract and spiritual experience as well as an expression of an integrated global language. It is a metaphorical meditation on the fragile paradox of life and death in relation to the self and extensions onwards to consider the transitory nature of the human condition – from the first dream of utopia, to the physical co-habitation of life, its aging and gradual decay, and lastly its return to the earth.

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