【GROWTH】中村萌 個展

  • 展期

    日期:2020-02-22 ~ 2020-03-08

  • 地點

    華山1914文創產業園區 中5B館 台北市中正區八德路一段1號

  • 《GROWTH》
    出生於1988年東京的日本當代藝術家中村萌,短短六年間於在藝圈掀起一股療癒系旋風。其作品以充滿手感溫度的木雕創作為主,大部份的雕塑作品皆保留了雕刻時的刻痕紋路,獨具風格;作品看似充滿童趣可愛,旨在影射人的內心世界以及對生命的反思。中村萌當今活耀於亞洲許多國家,其作品受到許多藝術界、潮玩圈、art toy收藏家以及明星們所喜愛。

    「GROWTH」是中村萌從初始創作至今不曾改變的主題概念,不管是冒出芽,長出角,湧出液體,增生的雲朵,亦或者從土壤裡鑽出半個頭出來,一切都是「成長.萌生」的狀態。2014年的個展「LOOP LOOP」也是growth的延伸概念;曾經活著聳立的大樹倒下變成木塊,木塊被雕刻成作品,繼續呼吸活著,循環不斷,生生不息。


    《GROWTH》 — 中村萌 個展
    日 期|02.22 - 03.08.2020
    地 點|華山1914文創產業園區 中5B館 台北市中正區八德路一段1號
    時 間|11:00-19:00 ( 03.08 11:00-17:00 )
    主 辦|台北怪獸國際有限公司
    協 辦|椿畫廊

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    * 票價:NTD 200
    * 預售票:NTD 180

    Born in 1988, Moe Nakamura is a contemporary Japanese artist who has recently been in the spotlight. Nakamura's art focuses on warmly and-carved wooden figures; works marked by the unique way the notches and grains of the wood are preserved. Her works apparently re filled with youthful wit and cuteness, but more than that, reflect the inner world of people and introspect life. Nakamura is now active in many Asia countries. Those who collect her art are mostly from the art, urban art, art toy, and entertainment fields.

    "Growth" is a concept that has been Nakamura’s main focus from the beginning. Whether it’s a bud, a horn, spilled liquid, bubble-like clouds, or half head sprouts from the ground, everything is in a state of “grow and increase”. Nakamura's 2014 solo exhibition "LOOP LOOP" is also an extension of growth. The once-rising big tree fell into wooden blocks, and the wooden blocks were carved into pieces of art. They continue to breathe and live, an endless cycle.

    Her upcoming first overseas solo exhibition in Taiwan is a rare collection which will display Nakamura’s works from past to present. More than 60 pieces of art, including sculptures and paintings, will be on display. If you like Nakamura's works, you shouldn't miss this exhibit.

    Exhibition Date: 02.22 - 03.08.2020
    Venue: Huashan 1914 Creative Park / Building M5B, No.1, Bade Road Sec.1, Zhong Zhen District, Taipei
    Open Hours: 11:00-19:00 ( 03.08 11:00-17:00 )
    Curator: Jen Huang
    Organizer: Monster Taipei International Inc.

    Co-organizer: Gallery Tsubaki
    * Ticketing: ►►►
    * Ticket:NTD 200
    * In advance:NTD 180



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