【時光 履 行者.劉永仁】A Practitioner of Time.LIÚ Yung-Jen

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    日期:2020-06-06 ~ 2020-07-19

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  • 參展藝術家


  • 策展人 Curator|曾堯生 TSENG Yao-Sheng

    展覽開幕 Opening|06.13 SAT 15:00
    對談講座 Lecture |06.20 SAT 15:00
    主持 Host|曾堯生 TSENG Yao-Sheng
    與談 Speakers|廖仁義 LIAO Jen-I ╳ 劉永仁 LIÚ Yung-Jen

    「時光 履 行者.劉永仁」為台灣知名抽象藝術家劉永仁首度於采泥藝術舉辦的個展。劉永仁,1958年生於台灣台東池上,義大利國立米蘭布雷拉藝術研究院畢業。繪畫風格由抒情演變至抽象構成,探索時空中看似倐忽變化、實則恆常的經驗。提出吐納與繪畫應互為表裡的「呼吸概念」,於油彩中添加蜂蠟和鉛片,產生半透明光澤與溫潤感,表現猶如封存記憶的獨特精神性。


    本次展出的油畫作品,主要畫面元素源自於藝術家生命記憶中的稻草堆和蓮蓬,符號化為類三角形穿梭於圓弧之間,立體空間就此解碼成圖案平面。田野自然的緩慢蛻變,一如宇宙幽靜和緩。點綴星光,畫面切片顯現時空浩瀚無垠。在一呼一吸間,生命循環。 此外,劉永仁自畫面中提煉出特具弧度和空間/孔隙感的兩大元素:蓮蓬和座椅,打造姿態搖曳靈巧的2020年新作雕塑系列。


    A Practitioner of Time.LIÚ Yung-Jen is renowned Taiwanese abstract artist Liú Yung-Jen’s first solo exhibition at Chini Gallery. Born in Chishang in Taitung County, Taiwan in 1958, Liú graduated from the Accademia di belle Arti di Brera di Milano, Italy. His painting style has evolved from lyrical expression to abstract composition that explores the experiences informed by changes that seem transient at first yet constant in reality. He proposes “the concept of breathing” that suggests breathing and painting can be mutually complementing. By adding beeswax and lead foil (piombo) in oil paint, he is able to create a semi-transparent shine and a sense of warmth to express the unique spirituality found in sealed memories.

    The experience of serving as a curator at Taipei Fine Arts Museum contributes to the artist’s habit of observing, studying and introducing other artists’ works and life stories that in turn enrich in his own creative work, making him one of the few artists capable of both curatorial and creative works in the Taiwanese art scene. This exhibition foregrounds Liú’s thinking and perspective as an artist and features his oil paintings and sculptures to examine how he has moved from ink to oil and between 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional creations. Freeing himself from the restraints of art forms, the artist has embraced simple, pure forms and rational segmentation of colors to evoke the sensibility to living memories.

    The elements depicted in the oil paintings on view in this exhibition mainly originate from the haystacks and lotus seed pods from the artist’s memories, which are transformed into triangular symbols orbiting through arcs, turning 3-dimensional spaces into 2-dimensional images. The gradual transformation of the natural field is serene and slow as the cosmos. With glistening stars scattered across the canvas, the images are reminiscent of fractions of the infinite space-time, and in between each inhale and exhale, the cycle of life goes on and on. Moreover, Liú extracts two elements from his images – lotus seed pods and chairs – that reveal distinctive curves and spaces/interstices to create the buoyant, agile quality of his new sculpture series of 2020.

    This exhibition looks into Liú’s uncomplicated, perceptual role as an artist instead of his rational, curatorial mind. With the structure of lotus roots, the artist frees oneself from enclosure. To realize one’s ideas with vigor and proficiency is indeed the true nature of “a practitioner.”



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