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    日期:2015-02-07 ~ 2015-03-07

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    澳門全藝社 黑沙環馬路52號廣耀工業大廈三樓/週一至週六中午十二時至下午七時(周日及公眾假期休息)

  • 「臨界──李英維、黎小傑雙人展」已于澳門全藝社開幕






    澳門全藝社位於黑沙環馬路52號廣耀工業大廈三樓,開放時間為週一至週六中午十二時至下午七時(周日及公眾假期休息)。如欲查詢更多展覽詳情,請流覽全藝社網頁,或於辦公時間內(週一至週五上午十時至下午七時)致電2836 6064,或電郵至。

    “Transcend – Works by Sylviye Lei and Lai Sio Kit” has been successfully held in AFA

    “Transcend—Works by Sylviye Lei and Lai Sio Kit” has successfully held in AFA Macau at 6:30 pm on February 3. On that day, lots of honorable guests have come to support the exhibition, including Mr. Ung Vai Meng, the vice president of Cultural Affairs Bureau, Ms. Sílvia Ribeiro Osório Ho, the assistant coordinator of Tertiary Education Services Office, Mr. Chan Kai Chon, the representative of Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, artists, media and other guests.

    In the exhibition, 10 pieces (sets) of artworks painted by two young Macau artists will be showcased in AFA Macau, including Sylviye’s eight paintings from “Virtual Shape” series and Lai Sio Kit’s two sets of paintings from “Elapse” series. For Sylviye Lei and Lai Sio Kit, both of them were graduated from different art academies in Mainland China. After returning to Macau, they still persisted in art with their strong and solid technical skills. Although their works vary greatly in terms of styles, their efforts are nonetheless comparable. Both Sylviye and Sio Kit play a central role in Macau’s contemporary art scene, their works shows an extraordinary strength that are remarkable.

    Using ‘Light’ as the main theme, Sylviye chooses artificial colors and frequency to build some geometric models. The artist wants to express nowadays people cannot live without high-tech products which are the ‘medium’ to bring people back and forth between the virtual and the real world. It seems like modern people are now living in a grey zone between virtuality and reality, or even living in a ‘virtual reality’.

    For Sio Kit, he uses ‘time’ as the main theme to draw lots of old ceramic tiles. He also paints some cracks on each tile and places them on the wall to imitate that the tiles are spalling. These spalling tiles with cracks are like a reminder to show that there is a long story behind them. Sio Kit wants to let people know whenever a place is growing fast, something is fading at the same time.

    “Transcend – Works by Sylvie Lei and Lai Sio Kit” exhibition is partly sponsored by the Cultural Affairs Bureau Macao SAR Government. Media partners include Hoje Macau, Ponto Final, Aomen TV,, Sina Collection, Sina Weibo, and "Gallery". The exhibition will be opened to public till March 7.

    AFA Macau is located on Estrada da Areia Preta, 3rd Floor, Edificio da Fabrica de Baterias N.E. National, Macau. The gallery is open from Monday to Saturday (12:00 pm to 7:00 pm) and closed on Sundays and public holidays. For enquiries, please call (853) 2836 6064 during office hours or email to For more information please visit



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