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    日期:2015-01-24 ~ 2015-03-08

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  • 「野性的吶喊」為西班牙藝術家邵曉露(Lourdes Salcedo Tavira)所舉辦的2015年最新個展。邵曉露出生於西班牙,目前居住於台灣。自兒時起,邵曉露就展現渾然天成的藝術細胞,多年來皆以繪畫、塗鴉的方式來表現各種生命經驗引發的感受與情緒,熱愛在藝術世界中自由表達想法。





    Humanimal is Lourdes Salcedo Tavira’s 2015 solo exhibition. Tavira is a young Spanish artist whose artistic creativity was sparked at an early age. Over the years she has created a lot of drawings and sketches to depict her feelings and emotions from different life experiences.

    Captivated by a world where she can freely express her thoughts, she recently has been fascinated by observing the thin line in the space which divides humans and animals, and a sense of disorder as to which part is played by whom in our society. Are we seeing all the heartless wild animal nature, strange and alien in ourselves—and others? To what extend might our own animal nature, which comes to the surface when confronted by fear and anxiety, reflect our relationships with our own diverse society? Animals are our “near abroad,” aspects of the world that are the closest to us as a species. However, have evolution and growth killed our significant existing differences from animals? Appreciating the complexity of our existence and our animal brethren is, of course, inviting. But more is required, too.

    Tavira’s use of calm but powerful and vibrant colors, together with her unique and very sensitive artistic line of dialogue, skillfully convey beauty and compassion—a breathing space for hope—, in the art of showing the sometimes savage human/animal relationship.

    The exhibition, Humanimal, at Chini Gallery will explore how Tavira represents and questions our relationship with other species and how we connect with them in a personal way. She hopes to create a playful way of viewing her paintings through the integration with installations, to reevaluate the acknowledgment on how “the animal” has functioned as the other to “the human,” in order to capture the essence of our wild natural existence.

    The “Humanimal“ contraction is two sides of the same kind. And we humans are mostly animals, still.



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