【《他/牠》 Animal and Us】

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    日期:2016-10-22 ~ 2016-11-27

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  • 由花開第五期《他/牠》為主軸,討論人與動物的關係的定義與演變。從自然的存在,到現代化以及都市化之後將動物隔離,爾後又試圖將動物以馴服的方式作為寵物。對於動物的稱謂與從屬關係也不斷地在改變中,動物作為與人類生活相較於其他物種稍微接近的情況下,似乎也反映了人類試圖馴化其他物種的過程,像是透過命名,透過豢養,透過暴力征服⋯⋯等方式,其中也呈現了權力的制定與展現。


    This exhibition is developed from the fifth edition of HAGAI which explores the evolving relationship between humans and animals.
    In the contemporary society today, would our relationship with other species reform when we both pursue coexistence in a society? Before urbanism started, animals were part of human life and later with more regulations and developments, animals either have been slowly forced to leave the urban area, or tamed by human beings, as pets. It also shows the establishment of power through naming, taming and feeding in the process.
    “This reduction of the animal … is part of the same process as that by which men have been reduced to isolated productive and consuming units. Indeed, during this period an approach to animals often prefigured an approach to man.” - John Berger.
    Once we have highlighted such marginalisation of animals that is also being done to our lower class, inferior human fellows, how would it change the relationships between us and other species, or even amongst ourselves to re-establishing new ethic to navigate in between.



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