【朗世寧餵狗 Giuseppe Fed to his Dogs】駐村藝術家雙個展

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    日期:2016-10-23 ~ 2016-10-30

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  • 在本次駐村藝術家Peter Ullstrom與Leah Gallant兩人的聯展中,展場反映著一致性,且是由特定的社會歷史所塑造而成。

    假若一個空間能夠像藝術家一樣自行形塑影像,會發生什麼事呢?Leah Gallant向具有地理鄰近性的「具體派」提出這個疑惑。「具體派」是將藝術家與材料的合作視為藝術創作的日本前衛運動。Leah Gallant以錄像結合系列遊戲及塗鴉作為媒材:電梯、汗水、手錶、刀刃、火龍果皮、錄像靜物,另外還有藝術家的手部運動在展場中步履能及的幾個駐點之間徘徊。

    作為畫面攝影家,Peter Ullstrom所製作的數位影像,還有在工作室所繪製與攝影相應的速寫草圖,都與顏色、建築和群眾的互動相關聯。藝術家利用攝影的描繪性及抽象性探索社會製造的具體概念模型。

    In this show by Peter Ullstrom and Leah Gallant, site is treated as both uniform and shaped by particular social histories.

    What if a place could make an image as much as the artist in it? Posing this questions in geographic proximity to Gutai, the Japanese avant-garde movement in which the act of making art was viewed as a collaboration between artist and material, Leah Gallant plays a series of games combining video and drawing with place as material. Escalators, sweat, watches, knives, dragonfruit skins, printed video stills, and the artist’s hands in motion recur across medium in a series of sites within walking distance of the exhibition space.

    As tableau photographs, Peter Ullstrom produces digital images, provisional sketches made in the studio that reflect upon the photographic; in relation to the interaction among colour, architecture, and the collective. The artist utilizes the depictive and abstract qualities of photography; to explore the concrete and conceptual models of social memory.

    ■開放時間:週三(Wed.) – 週日(Sun.) ,13:00-21:00

自由人藝術公寓Peter UllstromLeah Gallant


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