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    日期:2017-01-01 ~ 2017-04-26

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  • 「觀止無形-謝貽娟、洪藝真、王淑鈴聯展」





    Formless Perfection: Jo HSIEH, Yi-Chen HUNG, Suling WANG-Three Artists from the Royal College of Art

    Since the birth of abstract art in the 20th century, painting has exceeded its function of creating objective, realistic representation. Abstract art assures the autonomy of painting and recognizes the expression of "line," "form," and "color" instead of treating them as elements to represent the realistic world. Moreover, abstract artists have also endeavored to free abstract art from concrete images by employing combinations of simple forms and colors to create unique artistic expression and construct individual cosmos of art with pure forms.

    On view in Formless Perfection are the artworks by three acclaimed abstract artists, Jo HSIEH, Yi-Chen HUNG, and Suling WANG, who have been exploring the possibility of abstract painting through their distinctive artistic vocabulary. The three artists all graduated from the Royal College of Art (RCA) in the UK, where they established their creative direction and field of artistic development. Yi-Chen HUNG's art emphasizes on the pureness of material and form by simplifying her work to "paint, frame, and canvas," and through reproducing objects and representing different texture, conducts her philosophical and dialectic thinking on painting and its inherent characteristics with the charm of minimalistic aesthetics. Suling WANG's abstract art embodies her unlimited ideas and creative thoughts. With flowing and changing forms, the paint and image on the canvas as well as her bold, freewheeling brushstrokes and majestic, dynamic composition materialize her artistic concept and cultural depth informed by fluid forms of Chinese calligraphic art, traditional folk allusions, and the Buddhist philosophy. Based in the UK, Jo HSIEH is known for her unique artistic conception of "None-Space," with which she has created artworks that transcend concrete representation with distinctive characteristics. The Pigment series on view in the exhibition originates from a philosophical exploration of the "in-between." In between the azure shades, the void is full and the fullness embodies the void—it is an investigation into "purity" and "life." Formless Perfection brings to the audience three outstanding Taiwanese female abstract artists. They have absorbed the academic nourishment of the RCA, and integrated their individual training with their personal life experience and understanding of the Oriental culture to develop highly characteristic styles of abstract expression. Their work conveys their thinking and sensibility, embodies their artistic ideal and conception, and expands the exploration, investigation and horizon of the abstract art.

采泥藝術謝貽娟 洪藝真 王淑鈴觀止無形


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