【Andante 行版之詩】

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    日期:2018-01-19 ~ 2018-02-11

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  • 參展藝術家

    張玉穎, 曾冠樺, 馮雯琳

  • 「聆一季 行板之詩,藝術家的日常低吟。」

    The Andante Poem, listening Chang Yu Ying, Tseng Kuan Hua and Feng Wen Lin whispering in the days

    | 策展人 Curator |
    孫翼華 Sun Yi Hua (國立臺灣師範大學美術學系副教授)

    | 藝術家 Artists |
    張玉穎 Chang Yu Ying
    曾冠樺 Tseng Kuan Hua
    馮雯琳 Feng Wen Lin


    速度決定了音樂的快慢,行板-優雅的步調帶來了藝術的詩意,“行板之詩” 由國立臺灣師範大學美術學系專任副教授-孫翼華策展,藝術家張玉穎、曾冠樺、馮雯琳以溫潤的色調、細膩的筆觸、靜謐的氛圍,帶來一章優雅、緩慢的步調,令我們悠遊於藝術世界的樂章。

    張玉穎 Chang Yu Ying

    曾冠樺 Tseng Kuan Hua
    我希望畫中的營造出的情境,能如同行板帶來的徐緩節奏,不論是無人的隱風景(Subtle Scenery)系列,或是描繪空間中的自處的人物作品,都希望營造一個專屬於個人的時空;在此,我們每個人都能不疾不徐地以自己的節奏徐緩前行,踏出屬於自我的時空風景。

    馮雯琳 Feng Wen Lin
    “你和我們,我們都在這世上,為了修補一些已經破損的東西。這就是我們為何會出現的原因。”― John Berger,《我們在此相遇》

    Andante, the expression of speed in music, which means, “to walk around” in Italian and refer to the tempo is moderately slow and carrying on with the elegance emotion. Moreover, Andante, stand 60 to 80 beats per minute (BPM), similar to heartbeat, which is 72 BPM, a walking peace without rush and close to the tempo of life.

    Speed determines the speed of music, elegant pace to create the poetic art. "Andant" curated by Sun Yi Hua. (National Taiwan Normal University, Associate Professor of the Department of Fine Art)
    Chang Yu Ying, Tseng Kuan Hua and Feng Wen Lin have utilized the warm colour tone, tender touch, tranquil atmosphere among with the vibrant music surrounding; at a non-hermetic art world, walking slowly. Allowing us to travel among the chapters of the beautiful world of art.

    |Chang Yu Ying|
    When the tender music notes run slow but elegant around the ears, gently whispering; many details of memories are missing in the rush suddenly lights up, minds settled, repeatedly. So that, in between the infinity of imagination fantasy, learn the ropes, searching the floating wonderland on the spirit deep sea, the peaceful land, another time of waiting.

    |Tseng Kuan Hua|
    The scenario that I want to create from my artwork similar to the slow tempo of andante, which is not limited to subtle scenery collection as well as the artwork paints related to human figure in its own space are both want to present a personal space-time. Meanwhile, everyone can steps forward slowly by its own tempo, and step out their own space-time view.

    |Feng Wen Lin|
    “You and us, we are here to repair a little of what was broken. This is why we occurred.” from John Berger, Here is where we meet.

    Those unpredictable lost parts in life will always remain in a certain way; searching for the whole picture of life in my creation with shadow pieces, from enthusiastic splashing to deep memories, tidy up thoughts; conducts paints with music, poem, lines, by the tempo of andante and to listen the relationship and connection between people, object and myself.

    | 開幕茶會 Opening | 1.20 (Sat.) 3pm
    | 展覽期間 Duration | 2018.1.19 (Fri.)- 2.11(Sun.)
    Time|13:00-19:00 (週一公休)
    | 展覽地點 Venue | 亞億藝術空間



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