【奇胡利台北】CHIHULY Taipei

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    日期:2018-08-11 ~ 2017-09-23

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  • 台北白石畫廊很榮幸地宣布,我們將於2018年8月11日至9月23日隆重推出美國藝術家戴爾·奇胡利(Dale Chihuly)最新個展「奇胡利:台北」(CHIHULY Taipei),呈現藝術家50年創作生涯中最具代表性的系列作品。本次展覽延續香港白石畫廊2018年3月於H Queen’s新空間的開幕特展「奇胡利:香港」(CHIHULY Hong Kong),也是藝術家繼1992年在台北市立美術館「奇胡利的玻璃藝術展」個展及1994年在高雄市立美術館「奇胡利:建築中的玻璃」個展後,睽違25年在台的首次個展。

    「奇胡利:台北」將展出諸多近期新作以及部分過去未曾曝光過的作品,探索奇胡利如何在媒材、光影、空間與型態中不間斷的嘗試並突破。其中,《花道:層疊琉璃》即是特別為此展所創作的最新作品,此系列運用了一種特別調製的釉,把處於流體狀態的基底玻璃熔燒到層層疊起的一片片玻璃上,以此形成相互交疊的組合結構,此技法曾在2017年於美國阿肯色州本頓維市的水晶橋美國藝術博物館(Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art)的「奇胡利:在藝術空間與樹林」展覽中出現,獲得熱烈迴響。


    此次,我們很榮幸邀請到奇胡利工作室(Chihuly Studio)主席兼執行長萊斯莉‧奇胡利(Leslie Jackson Chihuly)蒞臨8月11日的開幕並致詞,也在此誠摯邀請您一同透過這難能可貴的機會,感受奇胡利藝術裡的生命與熱情!

    展期|2018年8月11日 (六) - 9月23日 (二)
    開幕|2018年8月11日 (六) 4:00-7:00 pm *奇胡利工作室主席兼執行長 萊斯莉‧奇胡利(Leslie Jackson Chihuly)將蒞臨致詞
    地點|白石畫廊 · 台北 內湖空間 〈台北市內湖區基湖路1號1樓〉

    Whitestone Gallery: Taipei is honored to present “CHIHULY Taipei”—the latest solo gallery exhibition by American artist, Dale Chihuly—from 11 August through 23 September 2018. Showcasing some of the artist’s most representative series over his 50-year career, this exhibition is a continuation of Whitestone Gallery: Hong Kong H Queen’s opening exhibition “CHIHULY Hong Kong” in March 2018. It also marks the artist’s first solo exhibition in Taiwan since “Dale Chihuly: Glass” at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in 1992 and “Chihuly: Glass in Architecture” at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts in 1994.

    “CHIHULY Taipei” presents a different set of artworks to our Hong Kong exhibition and demonstrates both the artist’s desire to stretch the limits of his chosen media and his ongoing experiments in light, space and form. One important highlight of the exhibition is Chihuly’s new “Glass on Glass” paintings, a series that uses a specially formulated enamel to paint on sheets of glass, which are then placed atop one another to create overlapping compositions. This series was met with great enthusiasm during the exhibition “Chihuly: In the Gallery and In the Forest” at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas, in 2017, and CHIHULY Taipei will showcase a new piece especially made for the exhibition titled, Ikebana: Glass on Glass.

    Other series on view in the Taipei exhibition include “Rotolo”, created out of heavy coils of glass wrapping around a core base to show the substantial yet intricate and delicate nature of glass; “Baskets”, a series which recently celebrated 40 years; “Persians”, an aesthetic feat of wild asymmetry and color; “Fiori”, a spectacular installation that shows the artist’s fascination with gardens; “Cylinders” featuring glass-thread drawings on vessels inspired by Native American textiles; “Chandeliers”, which are comprised of hundreds of blown glass forms; “Sconces”, which are glass sculptures that project from a wall, and “Drawings”, which show not only the artist’s creative energy, but also provide some insight into how he communicates with his hotshop team with expressive and immediate guidelines.

    We are honored to have invited Leslie Jackson Chihuly, President and CEO of Chihuly Studio, to present a welcome talk on the opening day of 11 August 2018. We cordially invite you to join this precious opportunity to see Chihuly’s new works and share his passion for art.

    Title|CHIHULY Taipei
    Date|11th August – 23rd September, 2018
    Opening|11th August, 2018 4:00-7:00 pm *Leslie Jackson Chihuly, President and CEO of Chihuly Studio, will present a welcome talk at the event
    Venue|Whitestone Gallery Taipei Neihu : 1/F, No.1, Jihu Road, Neihu District, Taipei, Taiwan



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