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    日期:2018-08-11 ~ 2018-09-30

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  • 身處不安定與焦慮的年代,七位藝術家分別針對不平等的社會支配結構、現代人孤絕壓抑的心理狀態、以及對虛擬網路的依存慣性等等文明徵候,進行共同體察與各自回應,匯聚成了本展的核心議題。透過一系列視覺元素鮮明、敘事風格迥異的錄像作品,除了關注廣義的時間命題、歷史與記憶的堆疊,同時聚焦在生命與道德其短暫、脆弱的本質,並對日漸標準化的當代生活提出質疑,同時嘗試探討人類自訂的「遊戲規則」與真實世界的連結與意義。


    In times of uncertainty and anxiety this exhibition brings together seven artists working with video who question its conventions through an exploration of its relationship to the real world, challenging the physical and conceptual limits of what it means to live in the world today. Many of the works probe the vast theme of time, layering history and memory, or focus on the transient, fragile nature of our existence and mortality.

    The name of the exhibition is taken from Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World. When John the Savage moved into this “brave new world” from the Savage Reservation, feeling confused and blocked within and without the society, he cried out these words and chose to be unhappy. People's pursuit of happiness has modeled the cultural and financial construction of the consumerist society nowadays; however, there is a price to pay. This exhibition seeks to urge our reflection on the routines and restrictions in daily living, and to open up our imagination and thoughts for “a better world”.



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