• 展期

    日期:2020-01-05 ~ 2020-02-09

  • 地點

    白色記憶藝術空間 Art Space 807 高雄市三民區遼寧一街358號1樓

  • 旅繪·臺灣 Abstract Art Artist
    藝術家 #林致維 LIN Chih-Wei ── 創作自述


    The works demonstrated in this exhibition is a series of paintings created for a piece of writhing “Painting Taiwan’s Traveling,” 2019. Elements such as cities, townships, mountains, oceans, people, and night-lives are included in the drawings. As if pieces of puzzles, Lin put together the scenes of Taiwan that he sees in his journey. Every paining does not only represent a mere scenery, but also tells a story. Those scenes and stories eventually become a part of my life.

    旅繪·臺灣 畫家介紹


    Artist Description

    Chih-Wei Lin, a person from Hsinchu, currently living in Tainan. Born in 1986. Obtained a graduate degree from Department of Material Sciences and engineering, National Tsing Hua University. He currently work as an engineer in a tech firm, and is also a painter. His work demonstrated a strong style of blank-leaving, as well as a rich combination of colors. Various themes has been included in his works. Participated in Kaohsiung Art Exhibition, 2018. In the same year, he published “The Fram of Tainan,” named after a work written by a Tainan Writer Shich-Tao Yeh. Several other works have been nominated by the International Watercolor Art Fair, 2016.



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日期:2020-04-26 ~ 2020-05-31|台灣,高雄市



日期:2020-02-23 ~ 2020-03-29|台灣,高雄市