【植 人 語 Eco‧Echo】阮文盟個展

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    日期:2022-11-19 ~ 2022-12-31

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  • 參展藝術家

    阮文盟 RUAN Weng-Mong

  • 植 人 語 Eco•Echo

    The theme describes the relation between the beauty of nature and human beings, discussing further the harmony composed of every static and dynamic living thing, such as biodiversity being transformed into multimedia forms to create a brand new phase connecting with the past and displaying the evolutionary context of new creations. It is also the rationale for the exhibition, “Eco•Echo”. The main theme of the exhibition and its new form respond to the environment and ecology, human and cultural issues expressing my artistic concerns after examining the previous and present creations and living.

    Combination of concise words carries the penetrating power in contemporary language.
    “Eco” refers to nature.
    “Echo” represents responsive dialogues and interpretations for relevant environmental issues.
    Human indicates men’s thinking and the exploration of forms adopted to communicate the theme and they are also the foundation of my works.

    The exhibition states the ecology for human beings, especially revolves around the environmental friendliness to construct three-dimensional forms beyond general concrete figures. The three-dimensional forms detach from the reality engaging the interactions between the environment and people in order to create the association of artworks and exhibition themes visually.

    Although many efforts have been put into the prevention from environmental destructions, the green and sustainable environment seems only empty talks with the time from my point of view. The condition of nature continues worsening, and as the creator of art, my works are to present the inner feeling and warning toward the world as well as the behavior for giving back to the society. Just as litterateurs use articles while environmentalists adopt movements to achieve the agenda of seeking the balance of consciousness from positive discourses between human perspectives and nature, which is also the attempt of the “Eco•Echo” exhibition.

    Maybe plants do not talk but they definitely are part of the environment. By researching the botany, we may comprehend that they possess the cognition, senses, and the ability responding to nature. What’s more, the knowledge of botany transforms our slowly formed philosophy to remind those who’re high intelligent creatures how to adapt and live harmoniously with nature.

    Earth as the dwelling place varies with the time and space, the ocean and lands changed dramatically and yesterday is not today; no landscape is everlasting. The resilience of lives and the mutation or evolution of species embody the incomprehensible strength at present to be passed down continuously. Meanwhile, the strength provokes our reflection, and we may advance further through the “Eco•Echo” exhibition.

赤粒藝術阮文盟 RUAN Weng-Mong金工


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