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    日期:2018-04-08 ~ 2018-04-29

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  • 參展藝術家

    卡佑民, Kayoumin, 包德納, Bernard Bordenave

  • 神明計畫- OMGs
    人-神-現代社會 Men-Gods-Modernity

    卡佑民 Kayoumin
    包德納 Bernard Bordenave

    開幕茶會 Opening Reception
    4.8 (Sun.) 3pm
    展覽期間 Duration
    2018.4.8 - 4.29







    AHM GALLERY is exhibiting the works of two French artists living in Taiwan, Kayoumin and Bernard Bordenave, presenting OMGs with conceptual and documentary photography.

    The first time we saw Kayoumin's negative pieces, named by the artist as "Not Totally Negative," it seemed to send me into an unknown world. He has explored the negative photography concept for 10 years, succeedingly taking the viewers to see the world with a diverse perspective. There is more than just one angle to look at people, objects and surroundings. In his works, you'd find an intriguing side according to the artist.

    Bernard Bordenave conveys in his photography the personalities of people he met, their hospitality and kindness. In the alleys, he captures moments of daily life that paints a unique yet true face of Taiwanese people and their culture.

    Residents in Taiwan are familiar with the variety of temples, large or small, extravagant or simple. It's home of the Gods, and where some of us find faith. We appreciate the sculpture, painting and architecture, and observe the rituals and performances carried out by believers in honor of the Gods. Many frequently-visited temples become a commercial center surrounded by food stalls, street vendors, temple accessory shops, and sometimes fortune tellers.

    Gods and their representation reflect the society's value system. Through temples we experience the richness of culture and art, and how people practice their beliefs. In a modern society where civilization evolves rapidly, science and technology advance by nanoseconds, would human and their Gods play the same roles as usual?

    OMGs — brought by Kayoumin and Bernard Bordenave in conceptual and documentary photography — leads audience to explore the relation among men, gods and modernity.

亞億藝術空間卡佑民包德納KayouminBernard Bordenave


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