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    日期:2018-09-15 ~ 2018-11-04

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  • 「在我的一生中,世界與我們的關係發生了不可改變的變化,而這些變化存在於人類表達的各種形式中。創作的過程受到台灣的景觀因工業化與自然力量的拉扯,造成環境不斷改變的影響,再根據我的自身經驗一點一滴的重建。」—王淑鈴





    “In my lifetime, there has been an irrevocable change in our relationship to the world around us and this inheres in all forms of human expression. An idea that is central to my work is the reconstruction, piece by piece of my own experiences, this process is influenced by the changing landscape of Taiwan, which as a consequence of industrialization and natural forces is continually in a state of environmental flux.”

    —Suling Wang

    Suling Wang’s experience of travel and living abroad has led her to explore her own sense of cultural location and distance, through a formal appreciation of both Eastern and Western aesthetics, including the principles of Chinese landscape painting and the methods and ideas of European and American abstraction. The result is a positioning between aesthetic concepts, which influences her approach to making paintings and draws on both traditions, while deconstructing aspects of their visual language.

    In this exhibition, the artist presents paintings from a series titled The Singing River. This series expands on pictorial themes and motifs that relate to the large 9 metre painting, The Singing River 2, commissioned and recently installed in the permanent collection of the new building of the American Institute in Taiwan, Taipei. The paintings in the series are strongly influenced by the local landscape of her childhood and how it has changed and experienced now. This theme is explored through a direct approach to mark making and gestural abstraction, creating rhythmic compositions, which relate to the subject of the human presence in the space of the landscape and the forces of nature as they are experienced over time.

    Suling Wang was born in rural Taichung, Taiwan. She completed her B.A. at Central Saint Martins in London, UK in 1997, and then received her M.A. from the Royal College of Art in 1999. Since then she has exhibited widely in museums and galleries in several countries across the world and has been included in exhibitions at The National Gallery in London in 2006, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, USA and National Gallery of Victoria, Australia in 2007. She now divides her time between studios in London and Taichung.

    Suling Wang’s work can be found in the permanent collections of many important public collections including Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, Utah Museum of Fine Art, Cincinnati Art Museum, USA, and The American Institute in Taiwan, Taipei, Art in Embassies, US Department of State.

    The Singing River—Suling Wang
    Venue :采泥藝術 (台北市敬業一路128巷48號1樓)
    Opening :09.22 14:00 (藝術家將親自出席)
    Forum I :10.13 14:00 張芳薇(北美館 資深策展人) x曾芳玲(高美館 資深策展人) x王淑鈴
    Fang-Wei CHANG, Fangling TSENG, Suling WANG
    Forum II :10.20 14:00 陳貺怡(台藝大美術系教授) x王淑鈴
    Kuang-Yi CHEN, Suling WANG



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