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    日期:2020-01-18 ~ 2020-02-29

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  • 凝霜望遠—李義弘、李茂成的松樹與書法





    Far beyond the Frozen Air – Pine Trees and Calligraphy by Lee Yi-Hong and Lee Mau-Cheng

    Red Gold Fine Art is ten years old. It has been ten years since our debut exhibition, or to put it more precisely: it has ONLY been ten years since our debut exhibition in 2011.

    The first decade of Red Gold is as challenging as it is wonderful. We have been trying to explore the possibilities of ink painting of Taiwan. We discover some young talents whose works reflect not only the spirits of a new generation but also perfectly display the unique senses of humor of their own. More importantly, we rediscover the freshness and youthful energy of some most prestigious painters of Taiwan.

    We would like to initiate our future decades with the sophistication and youthfulness of two of the most prestigious and influential painters of Taiwan.

    Lee Yi-Hong has made his name and has his position in the tradition of Literati painting. The techniques of his painting are matured, the compositions are neatly in order, however, there is always a touch of poetic aura floating in his artworks, which can be most obviously distinguished in his painting of pine trees and in his calligraphy as well.

    It would be inadequate to describe this poetic aura as “un-secular ”, quite the reverse, the spiritual liveliness and lightness are growing from the secular land.

    When Lee Mau-Cheng came back from a joint exhibition in Korean, he recognized that pine trees could only be properly represented by their own. It seemed to him, that the pine trees could not be coexisting with other trees in his paintings. However, this unable-to-coexist doesn’t come from arrogance or the sense of exclusion. Lee argues, pine trees are happy to be with themselves by nature: they are never being alone, they are accompanied by themselves.

    To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Red Gold Fine Art, we invite you to travel along with us, far beyond the frozen air...



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